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            Growing up on a remote ranch in Northern Nevada, human playmates were almost non-existent. I developed intrinsic relationships with every type of animal. These child-animal relationships were essential to my well-being, an intricate part of my soul.

            I realize now I was afforded the ultimate luxury of growing up unhindered in a world much different from the hectic lifestyle children know today. The barnyard was my school and playground. Dogs, cats, horses, calves, and even the chickens were my playmates. These animals became my friends, my studies, and many of them touched my soul. I became versed in animal behavior early on. 

            My fairytale beginnings were dashed when I had to board with friends away from the ranch to attend high school. I soon became depressed, over-whelmed, and withdrawn. Simply stated, I missed the animals. Thanks to my enlightened parents, I was allowed to return to town with my horse and dog. This was one of the many times throughout my life that animals saved me.

          Upon graduating in 1975, I developed a dog program for local youth, and was a founding member of several rescue groups. After many years of helping young people develop relationships with their animals, I followed my heart and began the planning process for what was later to become the business of my dreams.

            I planned, researched, found property, drew up building plans, obtained zoning, and financing, and in 1987, Brebeau Kennels came into fruition.

            The Kennel was a large boarding, grooming, and training facility, which at times hired as many as eighteen people. Brebeau Kennels was my life and livelihood for twenty-three years. It was a business that started as a dream I dared to follow.

            During the twenty-three years I owned the kennel, my parents became ill. During that time, I stepped up as manager, and after their death, I owned the ranch I grew up on. For five years I managed two businesses. I sold them both in 2010.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.