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My parents Ted and Betty Baker


Chapter Summary



The following is a list of tasks I accomplished in the five years I owned and operated the Baker Ranch.


  • Produce high quality beef
  • Produce high quality hay
  • Researched the impact of disease and vaccination on herd
  • Have become a steward of public lands
  • Worked closely with United States Forest Service
  • Appropriately balanced and fed proper rations
  • Increased productivity by cross-breeding
  • Increased productivity by selecting high quality bulls
  • Managed rangelands, prevented erosion, exterminated noxious weed populations, and improved land by grazing
  • Monitored birth weight, weaning weight, and daily gain of calves produced
  • Kept detailed records on cattle, expenses, employees, and machinery
  • Maintained equipment
  • Procured buyers for cattle
  • Managed ranch horses
  • Managed stock dog
  • Managed legal issues
  • Managed employees
  • Tried to work in harmony with environment and address environmental issues as they arose
  • Advertised and successfully sold the family ranch without the help of realtor
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.