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Annotated Bibliography



Goleman, D. (2006) Social intelligence. New York, NY:

           Bantam Dell.


 In his book, Daniel Goleman explains how simple interactions with others affect every cell in out body. He also explains how these interactions affect our brain chemistry and how it in turn produces hormones affecting everything from how we feel emotionally to how we feel physically.


Magos, A. & Crow, S., (2003). Business Plans that Work for

            Your Small Business. Chicago, IL:  WoltersKluwer



Alice Magos has over 35 year’s experience operating numerous small businesses. She has an online advice column, is an author and instructor at small business seminars on accounting, financial planning and digital matters. She is an accountant and a certified financial planner and holds a degree from Washington University and Northwestern University.  Steve Crow is a consultant, teacher and business plan writer. He has more than 20 year’s experience writing business plans. This book is a must when it comes to writing business plans and uses five plans as examples.


Pakaroo, P. (2014). The small business start-up kit:  A

            step-by-step legal guide. Berkley, CA: Nolo.


 Peri Pakaroo is a business author and coach. She received her law degree from University of New Mexico School of Law. She covers everything from planning to permits and licenses and how to comply with taxes.


Phillips, R. (2013). An analysis of small business assistance

            websites:  Content and Delivery. Journal of

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This article examines information and resources available to small business owners through the websites of the Small Business Administration offices, Small Business Development Centers, and Senior Core of Retired Executives.


Sullivan, R., (1997). The Small Business Start-up Guide:


           Practical Advice on Staring and Operating a Small

           Business. Great Falls, VA:  Information



Sullivan has owned his own business for over 25 years. He is also an author, publisher and consultant. He shares many of the lessons he learned with his readers. He has appeared on CNBC and maintains an award winning website called The small business advisor. In this book he guides the reader through a step by step plan for starting and running a business.


Tolbert, C. M., Mencken, F. C., Riggs, T. L., & Li, J. (2014).

            Restructuring of the Financial Industry: The

            Disappearance of Locally Owned Traditional

            Financial Services in Rural America. Rural

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In this study the authors explain the benefits small businesses have on communities and how changes in the lending policies have cause concern for the plight of small businesses and rural communities.



Tyson, E. & Schell, J., (2008). Small Business for

              Dummies. Indianapolis, IN:  Wiley Publishing,



Eric Tyson has his MBA and works with people from all financial backgrounds and knows full well all the questions and concerns they have starting and running a small business. Jim Schell is a multiple small business owner with a BA in Economics from University of Colorado. These two authors collaborated to bring this book to fruition. This book is a great reference book for anyone wanting to plan and start a small business.


Winegar, K. (2009). Saved. Philadelphia, PA:  Da Cappo



Karin Winegar has compiled a group of stories about people trying to heal the damage done to animals and how animals heal suffering human beings. She explains how some people do it one animal at a time and others create complete sanctuaries. She explains humans need affection and need to have companionship.


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