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  • Humans have a need to be loved, accepted, and belong. Canines can fill that need, but many humans require help in developing relationships with dogs. 
  • The benefits of a human-canine relationship, to humans, are biopsychoscocial. 
  • I found understanding cultural diversity and being able to assess the need for the relationship is important in helping humans develop relationships with dogs. I use the MONASH dog scale to help determine the motive.
  • I learned the knowledge of human psychology is important when teaching dog psychology to humans. 
  • The benefits of a relationship with dogs must outweigh, or be equal to, the cost in order for it to be successful. In other words, the dogs need to be obedient and compliant.
  • Determining the drives and motivators of dogs is a must when teaching people to train their dogs.
  • I use a psychological test for dogs, developed my Jack and Wendy Volhard, to understand the dogs drives, instincts, and motivators.
  • Obedience classes help alleviate abandonment and relinquishment of dogs.
  • Competitive dog sports help ensure successful relationships.
  • Judging validates the success of the human-canine relationships.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.