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Below is the course contract and overview for my Latin American Studies Senior Project, click on "Sister Cities International" to the left, so see progress and outcomes.


Project description:

           The Sister Cities International program was developed in 1956 by President Eisenhower when it was proposed as a People-to-People citizen diplomacy initiative.  US cities “adopt” a town in a developing nation in order to promote communication between the communities and develop an exchange of culture and ideas.  US sister cities can provide economic help and educational opportunities and promote cultural awareness between the two communities.

                For the senior project, the student will establish such a connection between the town of Bellbrook, Ohio (student’s home town), and a town currently seeking assistance in Latin America through the Sister Cities International program.  This project will require commitment and perseverance in order to establish a meaningful bond between the two towns.  Through communication with city council and community leaders, schools, and community organizations in each town, the student’s goal is to create a lasting relationship between the two cities that will provide each with a completely unique and beneficial experience.



 Objectives of this senior project will be to:

            - Create organized system of support for the project in Bellbrook, OH.

            - Officially initiate Bellbrook into the program

            - Develop a positive relationship with a Latin American community

            - Ensure the the project is sustainable      



   Part One, US Sister City activities:

            - Make contact with local groups and community leaders (i.e., City Council members, Spanish teachers, Boy Scouts,

              Girl Scouts, Lions Club members etc.) to develop a support system for the project.

            - Set up an account or donation system for funds dedicated for the project

            - Give official presentation to Bellbrook City Council in order to establish official initiation into the Sister Cities Program

    Part Two, Latin American Sister City activites:

            - Select Latin American Sister City of similar population from Sister Cities Project database

            - Write letters and initialize communication with potential Sister City

            - Establish official Sister City recognition between Bellbrook, OH, and Latin American city (may involve some travel)

    Part Three, Building Bridges

            - Facilitate communication between core support team in Bellbrook and Latin American Sister City, promote cultural

              exchange, determine the needs of the community, and develop project ideas.

            - Promote full community participation in each Sister City

            - Ensure strong support on each side and active interest and participation. Ensure community leaders are involved in     order to ensure project sustainablilty.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.