Welcome to Prescott College Eportfolios. The Prescott College academic eportfolios provide a mechanism to document students’ learning and growth, showcase students’ best work, and facilitate academic program evaluation.

As students build their eportfolios, it is important for them to understand their copyrights. Although ideas and discoveries are not protected by copyright, any original work you create (that is considered tangible) is protected by copyright the very moment that it is created. For additional copyright protection you may be interested in registering your work. For more information about copyright and copyright registration, please visit: http://www.copyright.gov. Students are encouraged to add their name, copyright, and year in the footer of their eportfolios.

Students are also legally and ethically responsible for adhering to copyright laws. By uploading material to their eportfolios, students assume all legal responsibilities for infringements. Students need to be careful about the use of copyrighted materials in their eportfolios. If students use copyrighted material owned by someone else in their eportfolios (such as songs, photos, images, text etc.), they need to determine if the use qualifies as a Fair Use (http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html) before using the copyrighted material without first obtaining permission. The outcome of the Fair Use evaluation will probably change if the students’ initial use of the eportfolio was only for an academic purpose while at Prescott College, but later they use the eportfolio for some other purpose after leaving Prescott College.

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