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To the virtual story of my ephemeral experiments in performance making, dance, and the body.


These pages, lifted from the book of my life, are meant to illustrate areas of which I've achieved a modicum of mastery. 


They are:

Interdisciplinary Performance

Contact Improvisation

Arts Administration (Running a Small Dance Company)

Applied Anatomy and Body Work


Please note:

All of the "chapters" of this book are inherently incomplete. Each section of each chapter deserves a library to communicate the depth of research and development of understanding that they entail. Clearly this is beyond the scope of this portfolio. My attempt in the following chapters is to highlight some of the core ideas and some of my contributions in these fields in order to ilustrate a degree of literacy in them. Many great books written on these topics are named in the bibliography. Please be patient with the limitations of this project in the face of such a massive terrain of inspiring content. 




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.