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Annotated Bibliography


Much of my understandings in this field have come, not from book learning, but from trial and error and conversations with countless mentors and peers. Those individuals that have played a role in my learning about arts administration include:

Karen Bernard, Laura Bishop, Olive Birenga, Jim Brown, Chip, Krista Denio, Andy Gaines, Nita Little, Cid Pearlman, Otto Ramstad, Joan Schwartz, Kirby Scudder, and many more.




Bathurst, Jessica and Tobie S. Stein. Performing Arts Management: A Handbook of

Professional Practices. New York, NY: Allworth Press. 2008. eBook.


This book is largely geared towards arts managers operating on a larger institutional sphere than I have been. It has statistics to help orient to the field and great legal clarifications between the different ways of organizing a company.


Brindle, Meg and Constance DeVereaux (Eds.). The Arts Management Handbook:

New Directions for Students and Practitioners. New York, NY: M.E. Sharpe, Inc. 2011. eBook.


Filled with all the horror stories you need of uninformed producers making assumptions that saboutage the show, this easy to read volume inspires you to get all the bases covered and/or get some help.


Robinson, Jessica. Boot Camp for Artists Textbook. San Francisco, CA: Counterpulse.

2007. Print.


This is the textbook from Jessica's in depth class on running a small theatre or dance company. Jessica is director of Counterpulse, a long-standing leader in SF's experimental performance scene.


Snell, Tricia (Ed.) Artists Communities: A Directory of Residencies in the United

States That offer Time and Space for Creativity. New York, NY: Allworth Press. 2000. Print.


A great resource for researching residencies.



In Dance. San Francisco, CA: Dancer's Group. Monthly 2009-2012.






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.